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Med Sitoo Web kan du fremstille professionelle hjemmesider uden at skrive programkode. (selv om du naturligvis også har mulighed for dette). Du får sammen med Sitoo Web en lang række templates, som du kan basere din hjemmeside på. Sitoo Web er så let at anvende, at du med fordel kan tage kontrol over din hjemmeside, og udarbejde den selv.

Download en fuldt fungerende demoversion, og se hvor let det er...

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Denne hjemmeside er fremstillet i Sitoo Web uden at skrive en eneste linie programkode.


Kreativ frihed

Det er i virkeligheden enkelt; hvis du har en ide om hvordan din hjemmeside skal se ud og hvad den skal kunne er det bare at gå igang. Der er ikke begrænsninger i dit valg af design, og du behøver ikke at skrive en linie programkode.

Creative freedom


Komplet løsning

Sitoo Web er en løsning du kan vokse med. Fra en simpel hjemmeside til en stor dynamisk e-handels hjemmeside, dine muligheder er uendelige.

Scalable solution


Tiltræk flere besøgende

Sørg for at din hjemmeside tiltrækker besøgende. Sitoo Web hjælper med at positionere din hjemmeside på søgemaskiner.

Increase your sales

Udvid din hjemmeside

Med et enkelt klik kan din hjemmeside udvides med online formularer, webshop, online katalog mv.»

Application Store


Opret hjemmeside

Start med en blank side, eller anvend en design template og kom hurtigt igang

Sitoo Web gør det meget hurtigt at oprette en unik hjemmeside fra start. Der er mange funktioner, som gør arbejdet let for dig.

En endnu lettere måde, er at anvende et af de mange designs som er inkluderet i Sitoo Web. Disse designs er udviklet af professionelle designere, og kan anvendes til hurtigt at få præsentabel hjemmeside. Alt kan let ændres heri. Dette valg er ideelt hvis du ønsker en hurtig og professionel hjemmeside.

Importer en eksisterende hjemmeside

Hvis du har en hjemmeside, som du ønsker at beholde, men som du ikke kan opdatere eller ændre, kan du importere den direkte fra internettet og tage kontrol over den. Når hjemmesiden er importeret i Sitoo Web er det let at foretage ændringer heri. Alt hvad du behøver er din hjemmesides internet adresse (URL).

Start from scratch or use a design template as your starting platform

Design & Funktion

Using master page and page leads to quality and consistency

To streamline the development, maintenance and final result for a website the website project is structured using Master Pages and Pages. This structure provides a uniform style and a consistent feeling for the website. Also this structure allows further update and development of the website to be much faster.

The basic concept is to separate content from design. Design is mainly handled in master pages and content is handle in pages (similar to the approach used in Microsoft PowerPoint). Using this separation, the same design can be reused over and over again. When adding new pages to the website, existing Master Pages are used to ensure a consistent design. If new design is needed, a new Master Page is added. A consistent website contributes to a professional impression.

Layout blocks make it easier

To help make the construction of the website easier, Sitoo offers layout blocks. Layout blocks are ready-made combinations of structure and features that are very convenient to use for building the layout structure of your website. Layout blocks added to your website can easily be edited to your preferences.

Layout blocks make it easier

Dynamic Images (GRE)

Sitoo Web features a very powerful Graphical Rendering Engine (GRE), which makes it easy to create and use Dynamic Images. You can easily create watermarks, mousover buttons, intelligent image resizing and more. Using Dynamic Images (GRE) you can easily change the design of your website.

A Dynamic Image can be anything graphical and ranges from a simple image frame to an image composition featuring several text-layers. A variety of Dynamic Images is provided to you in Sitoo Web which you can change as wanted and you can easily create your own.

Dynamic Images (GRE)

Consistent formatting

A style is a description on how a paragraph should be formatted. The built-in styles in Sitoo Web is Heading 1 through 6 and Normal. Styles should be used on your website for two reasons, to keep the text formatting consistent and to make sure that headings are optimized for search engines.

It is imperative that headings on your website are correctly represented in the code. This allows for search engines to index your website in an optimal manner. Using Styles in Sitoo Web will get it right!

Using master page and page leads to quality and consistency

Color management

The Color Palette in Sitoo Web is used to manage the colors used on your website. Instead of manually setting the correct color for each element, you define a color palette. If you change the color in the palette, all places that refer to that color will be changed.

Another useful tool is the Color Picker that allows you to select any color you want from your screen. This tool makes it easy to identify the exact color value of a pixel, when you don't know the exact color code.

Smart objects and dynamic menus

When creating or editing a website using Sitoo Web, smart objects can be used. These smart objects will incorporate advanced function in an easy fashion. Anything from dynamics menus to advanced database driven services.

Dynamic menus create buttons and changes automatically based on the current structure of the Pages. For example if you are using a graphical menu and add a new page, the menu is automatically updated and a new button is created.

Smart objects and dynamic menus

Content Editing

Visual editing

No programming skills are required for creating and maintaining websites using Sitoo Web. The program is a first-class editing tool which shows the actual appearence of the website on the screen.

Intuitive page tree

All website pages are structured in a content tree. Each page added to the website will be subordinate to another page or the website root. The tree structure is arranged similar to files and folders in Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Editing content is easy

Content Editing in Sitoo Web is top of the line with lots of smart functions (pat. pending US 12/437,924). Using Sitoo Web, visually resembling a word processor, it is easy to edit and add new content to the website. Of course you can copy & paste content from other programs or the Web. All content added is automatically adjusted as Web Content.

Editing content is easy

Visual Editing

Smart links

It is easy to insert links for navigation on your website either internally or externally. In Sitoo Web links that refer to internal pages and resources (images, pdf-files etc) are smart, which means that if the page or resource is removed or disabled, the link will stop working preventing broken links on your website.

Smart Links



Sitoo Web has built-in support for Flash. Adding flash is as easy as inserting an image.

Image Handling

Advanced image handling

Sitoo Web has many functions for handling images. Adjust images for the web, change properties, change image and keep properties or create image compositions for banners etc.

Image Editing possiblities such as increasing/decreasing brightness, increasing/decreasing contrast, setting automatic adjustment levels, cropping, rotating, mirroring, making grayscale etc.

Use the "Change Image" featrue to maintain properties and leaving the design untouched.

Source image gallery with thousands of categorized images

Of course you can use your own images for your website, but a little help can never be wrong. In Sitoo Web you have access to Sitoo Images, a source image gallery with more than 1000 image in 60 different categories free to use for websites created with Sitoo Web.

Image gallery with thousands of categorized images

Beautiful image galleries

Sitoo Web lets you create adjustable image gallery functions easy to insert on your website. Using these you can present images in a pleasing and effectful way.

Beautiful Image Galleries

Advanced Image Handling

Smooth image import

Sitoo Web features image import for web use. Images from your digital camera will automatically be adjusted to web formats.

Smooth Image Import

External Sources

YouTube, PDF etc.

An external document or file is file content not created in Sitoo Web. In many cases you want to provide external content such as PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets, youtube clips or a sound file. Using the file manager in Sitoo Web you can easily add external content. If you wish to insert custom code (such as an embedded youtube clip) you can use the Code Relayer Object.

Google Analytics

Take advantage of website visitor information and have it presented in attractive graphs, charts and lists. Using statisticals tools like Google Analytics, which is free, you will have detailed overview of your website traffic. The statistics is comprehensive and shows everything from the number of visitors, page views, time of visit, where they came from, what keywords they used to find you and much more. It is easy to insert Google Analytics on your website using Sitoo Web.

Social Integration

Using Sitoo Web integrating with social networks is easy. All you need is the Code Relayer Object and the embedded content provided from the social network.

Social Media

Open Solution

Custom or external features

There are two ways of inserting custom code on your website. Either use the Code Relayer Object or switch to code view when editing. If you simply wish to add a few lines of code, the Code Relayer is recommended. When using code view the entire code is available to you. There are no limitations as to what you want to achieve on your website.

Code view for advanced developers

No programming skills are needed to create, develop or edit websites using Sitoo Web. However if you still wish to add custom code to your website, simply use the code view. Sitoo Web automatically updates element properties according to your changes, which means that you can work in both modes if you like. Sitoo Web is very powerful, even for advanced developers.

Web browser compatible

The international organization The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) defines web standards with purpose of the Web to reach its full potential as a forum for information, trad and common understanding. All major web browsers comply with the W3C's web standards. To make sure your website is experienced the same in all web browsers it is important that the website code complies with W3C's web standards. According to an examination by Opera during 2009, the average website has 47 issues regarding W3C standards. Only 4.13% of all websites fully comply with the standards. All websites created using Sitoo Web comply with the standards regarding XHTML and CSS, therefore websites created with Sitoo Web appear the same in all web browsers.


Search engine optimization (SEO)

All major search engines try to present the most relevant results possible for each search that is made. The search words used are the key to determine which websites to present in the result. If the search word is in synch with the content of the webpage, the webpage will be part of the result presented. In Sitoo Web you have access to the SEO Navigator which helps you position your webpages for the search engines. Using the SEO Navigator you will get help defining title, filename, description, heading, keywords etc for every page and see how the result would be presented.


One-click publishing

Thanks to the built-in publishing it is easy to update your website. A smart synchronization mechanism makes sure that only the content that has been changed will be uploaded to the web server. You can publish your website to any location you wish.